The Institut Aéronautique et Spatial (IAS) has been created 38 years ago and its mission was to create an international network gathering worldwide aerospace professionals in order to enhance the link with French industrials of the sector.

Today, the dedicated IAS Alumni Network platform is designed for all the members of this community in order to exchange together, and to create links. The idea is also to provide you a digital place for you to develop your own networks. This tool is meant to facilitate communication, share information about aerospace and professional support as well as networking.

These are the main tools that are dedicated to you :

  • Alumni members directory
  • News from your network
  • Private messaging device
  • Agenda of dedicated events organized by IAS
  • And a very special column dedicated to our great and regretted colleague : "A tribute to Didier Feriol!"

Each member has the ability to  set-up confidentiality of its own data, as well as controling how to share information with each user and member of the platform.

Please join us and activate your account, your participation is very important in order to enlarge and the network. Of course, don't hesitate to share with all the other IAS alumni you may know.

Download the IAS Alum'News

#1 - S2 2018 : IAS AlumNews n1.pdf