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The IAS team celebrates a 30th work birthday !

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On November the 21st, all the IAS team gathered to celebrate the 30th work anniversary of  Anne-Marie Pons, Executive Assistant at IAS, that many of you know. The occasion for her to come back on her great career at IAS :

«What most striking evolution would you point out in 30 years ?»

In my case, working on an administrative level, the most obvious evolution is digitalization. Means  of communication have developped so fast, and part of the IAS mission, which is the creation and development of a network, has become much easier thanks to the arrival of communication tools, not only smartphones or Internet, but also social media, messaging devices or applications.

«Working in a multi cultural environment, what would you remind as the most enriching?»

In our daily work environment, we have the chance to deal almost exclusively with multi-cultural partners and customers. The first word that comes to me is openness, this is the most important  asset to work in such an international environment, and this is also what is the most striking with the participants that follow IAS training solutions. Since 30 years, what people have shared  together and what makes the link relevant in the end is this recognition of the interest in other cultures or foreign people, and from a personal point of view, this is the most enriching thing that I have been experiencing.

«Could you tell us a short anecdote with IAS Alumni that stands out for you ?»

It would be too simplistic to point out one specific story as I experienced so many! What I would like to focus about the Alumni members is this «family spirit». For example, I have worked for 27 years with Didier Feriol, IAS Alumni Network Manager untill 2015, whose involvement and way of working resulted in this sense of belonging to a community, to a family. The members not only  come from the same sector or share the same passion, but also share values and receive some  specific welcome and support from the IAS team. As for the main events I will always remember, I  have to mention the professional part with the numerous FASIA ceremonies we organized, as  well as the Christmas parties from a more personal point of view, which greatly contributed to the feeling of being part of the same family!

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